How to Get Sea Lanterns in Minecraft

If you’re an avid Minecraft player like me, you’ve probably found yourself wondering how to get your hands on those elusive sea lanterns. These underwater light sources are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a practical purpose in your Minecraft world.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of getting sea lanterns and shed some light (pun intended) on their uses. From locating an Ocean Monument to crafting these glowing items, I’ve got you covered.

What are Sea Lanterns?

Delving deeper into the mysterious world of Minecraft, one encounters numerous fascinating items and elements. Sea Lanterns fall under this category. They’re not merely for aesthetic embellishments; they command practical usage within the game.

Definition of Sea Lanterns

Sea Lanterns are unique light-emitting blocks that one can only find in certain biomes within the vast world of Minecraft. They’re naturally occurring and you’ll typically find them adorning Ocean Monuments. Constructed from Prismarine Crystals and Prismarine Shards, these stunning light sources are a truly mesmerizing sight to behold and a highly coveted commodity due to their rarity.

Properties of Sea Lanterns

Now let’s delve into some key attributes of Sea Lanterns:

  • Brightness: Sea Lanterns are illuminated blocks with a light level of 15, making them one of the brightest light sources in Minecraft.
  • Underwater Use: Unlike torches, Sea Lanterns can be placed underwater without being washed away. It’s a crucial boon for underwater construction or exploration.
  • Breaking: It’s important to note that Sea Lanterns can only be collected with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch; otherwise, they’ll just drop Prismarine Crystals.
  • Renewability: Sea Lanterns are renewable. You can craft them from Prismarine Crystals and Shards, which are dropped by the Guardians and Elder Guardians found in Ocean Monuments.

Acquiring these dazzling light sources isn’t an easy task but it’s worth venturing into the deep, uncharted ocean terrains for these beautifully illuminating blocks. How to do that doesn’t need to remain a mystery. I’ll guide you in your pursuit of these rare yet rewarding blocks. So, brace yourself. Dive headfirst into the aquatic world of Minecraft with me as we uncover the secrets to securing this elusive item: the Sea Lantern.

Why Are Sea Lanterns Useful?

Sea lanterns aren’t just pretty to look at. They’re also highly practical. Their bright glow makes them an excellent choice for underwater lighting. Unlike torches or other light sources, they won’t get washed away by water currents.

Their renewability also makes them a sustainable choice. Once you’ve found your first sea lantern, you can keep producing more. This means you’ll always have a reliable source of light, no matter how far you venture into Minecraft’s vast oceans.

Lastly, their rarity adds an element of prestige. Having sea lanterns in your inventory or using them in your constructions is a clear sign of your Minecraft expertise. So, don’t wait any longer. Dive into the ocean and start your hunt for sea lanterns today!