Crafting in Minecraft is like unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities, and one of the most useful items you can create is a lectern. Whether you’re looking to display your enchanted books or need a podium for your map room, a lectern is a versatile addition to any Minecraft build.

I’ll guide you through the simple steps to craft your very own lectern, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your next big in-game presentation or enchanting session. Get ready to transform your gameplay with this essential piece of Minecraft furniture.

How to Craft a Lectern in Minecraft

Wood Planks

To start crafting your lectern, you’ll need wood planks. In Minecraft, wood planks are a fundamental resource that you can obtain from any type of tree. Just find a tree, mine logs by holding down your left mouse button, and then turn these logs into wood planks via the crafting menu. You’ll find that four wood planks can be created from a single log, giving you a sufficient basic resource for a variety of constructions, including the lectern.


Once you have your wood planks, it’s time to create slabs. Slabs are half-blocks that you can craft by placing three wood planks in a row on the bottom slots of your crafting table. These slabs are essential for the base of the lectern. Remember, each crafting process will give you six slabs, and you only need one of these for your lectern.


The next component is the bookshelf which acts as the lectern’s main body. Crafting a bookshelf is a bit more involved—you’ll need three books and six wood planks. Place the books in the middle row of the crafting grid, sandwiched with two rows of wood planks above and below. Books can be acquired by trading with villagers or crafting them with paper and leather.

Once you have the bookshelf, you are close to completing your lectern. Just arrange your slabs and bookshelf in the crafting table: the slab goes on the top middle slot, and the bookshelf fills the center of the grid. This formation is perfect for creating the lectern’s distinctive, angled shape. With these steps, you’re well on your way to adding an essential piece to your Minecraft haven.

Crafting a Lectern

In the immersive world of Minecraft, a lectern isn’t just a decorative block; it’s a functional piece that can transform interactions and gameplay. Since we’ve covered obtaining wood planks and crafting slabs and bookshelves, it’s time to use these components to create your very own lectern. The crafting process is straightforward once you have all materials at hand. I’ll explain how to combine these elements effectively to add this essential item to your Minecraft inventory.

Displaying Written Books

One of the primary functions of the lectern in Minecraft is to display written books for other players to read. Whether it’s for sharing stories, leaving instructions, or creating detailed quests, lecterns act as podiums that hold the written word. After placing a book on a lectern, it remains open, displaying the text to anyone who passes by.

Here are the steps to use a lectern for showcasing your written books:

  • Place the lectern on the ground by right-clicking the intended spot.
  • With a written book in hand, right-click the lectern again to place the book.
  • Other players can now approach and interact with the lectern to read your book.

These steps make sharing written content in multiplayer servers efficient and immersive, enhancing the community feel of the game. It’s an innovative method of communication within the Minecraft universe that goes beyond the typical chat function.

Using a Lectern as an Enchanting Table

Although a lectern in Minecraft does not directly function as an enchanting table, it plays a crucial role in the enchantment process. By holding a book, a lectern can be used in conjunction with an enchanting table to organize and access multiple enchanted books. It also adds a touch of realism to the enchanting room, which elevates the overall aesthetic.

To integrate a lectern into your enchanting setup, follow these tips:

  • Position the lectern close to your enchanting table for easy access to your written enchantments.
  • Store enchanted books on the lecterns to keep your spells organized and within reach.
  • Enhance the atmosphere of your enchanting room by using lecterns to mimic a library setting, which can be both appealing and functional.

By implementing a lectern adjacent to your enchanting area, you benefit from both the organizational aspect and the thematic additions it brings to your space. Remember, in Minecraft, building an environment that serves your needs while creating an impressive visual impact is paramount for a rewarding experience.