Game enthusiasts and card aficionados eager to know the different hand combinations or melds in the 3-Card Flush game have come to the right place. This guide lists the essential melds you must know before participating in intense 1-on-1 or multiplayer tournaments of 3 Card Flush. After all, you have a lot at stake. Getting familiar with the critical melds relevant to this card game can make or break your gameplay. If you are eyeing the tournament jackpot, this can make a world of difference in your style of playing and whether you choose to raise, fold, or increase your bet. If you are a newbie to this card game, you must know that the concepts of melds or card combinations are at the heart of 3 Card Flush. The specific card combinations determine whether you have a weak or strong hand. Each combination carries a unique value, influencing the game’s outcome. So, if you wish to dominate the real cash Teen Patti game with your friends or real-life opponents, know the following card combinations and their relevance.

High Card

The high card determines the winning hand when there’s no other stronger combination. In that case, the highest card among the three cards dealt to the players becomes the deciding factor.

The highest value is held by aces, and this is followed by Kings, Queens, Jacks, tens, and so on. Suppose your hand combination comprises a deuce, King, and Queen; the King will become your high card. This will determine the strength of your hand, and consequently, all your decisions in the game will depend on this.


As it says, a pair means two matching cards. It could be two Queens or two Kings. If you possess a higher pair, you have a strong hand. For instance, the most formidable hand is represented by two Aces. But you may have to change your strategy if you have a pair of threes or sixes. Bluffing may come in handy because you have a weak hand and must convince other players that you have a strong hand. Or, in most cases, it is best to fold if you have a pair of twos or threes.

Three of a kind

This hand combination comprises three identical cards, such as three fives or three Jacks. The combination ranks higher than a pair and is considered to be a relatively strong hand. If you have a combination of three of a kind, it means you have a shot at winning the round. But this hand will be overpowered if other players have a flush or straight.



This combination includes three consecutive cards. It might be 2,3,4 or 6,7,8. The hand is considered strong if the combination consists of highly valued cards. For example, a straight of Queen, Jack, and ten is considered a strong hand.


When you are dealt three cards belonging to the same suit, it is called flush. The combination can be three diamonds or three hearts. Flush ranks higher than a straight.

Straight Flush

A straight flush combines the strength of a flush and a straight. This combination comprises three consecutive cards belonging to the same suit. In 3-Card Flush, this card combination is considered one of the strongest. If you have a straight flush of 6, 7, and 8 hearts, it means you have an exceptional hand and can play the match confidently.

Royal Flush

A royal flush is the pinnacle of card combinations, and it consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten belonging to the same suit. It is the most coveted and rarest combination. If you are holding a royal flush, it means you will win the hand. Of course, if you strategize properly and know when to raise and call.

Queen High

This is the hand where the Queen is the highest of the three cards you are holding.

Jack High

Jack is the highest card among the three cards you’ve been dealt with.

Ten High

This is when ten is the highest card. Besides the different hand variations, you must familiarize yourself with the following terms in a 3-Card Flush game. Knowing the terms mean will help you make informed decisions and implement strategies.


Ante Bets

These are placed before cards are dealt. These bets contribute to the initial pot size. All players must place these bets to set up the game’s stake before the match starts. Typically, the ante amount remains consistent throughout the match.

Play Bets

These bets are optional and are placed after you have received your cards. You can fold, raise, or call according to your hand’s stretch and the betting actions of the other players. Raising means increasing the bet, calling means matching the present bet, and folding means you are forfeiting the match and losing the ante bet. With play bets, players gauge their winning chances. Also, while placing this bet, you can modify your strategy if you think it will give you a fighting chance.

Pot Odds

The ratio of the pot size to the amount players need to call to remain in the game is called pot odds. It is critical for 3 Card Flush players to comprehend pot odds. Owing to this understanding, you will be capable of making informed decisions and calculating your potential return on investment.

The Bottom Line

3 Card Flush is one of the most exhilarating forms of card games. The game keeps players on their toes as they have to constantly observe the other players, make betting decisions, and ensure they have a strong hand. If you have recently started playing this card game, it is essential to learn the different hand combinations and their ranking. This will help you in making strategic decisions. Finally, play as many free practice games as you can to fully grasp the meld and betting dynamic of the game. Do you have any hand combination-related tips for your fellow 3 Card Flush players? Feel free to leave a comment.