In the past, the video gaming industry was quite different as a game used to be a one-time purchase. Once you have installed the game, you don’t need to worry about spending money on regular updates and features.

These days, video games are more like services where you constantly have to throw money to keep enjoying the game. Intelligent integration of gambling-like features has made video games even more exciting. There are micro-transactions involved in in-app purchases. Instead of offering simple products, items, or features, developers urge players to buy loot boxes or mystery boxes. Without realizing the actual ingredients of the box, users gamble on these boxes.

In a way, these loot boxes are related to the gambling model. Even if gambling is illegal in a region, using loot boxes or similar concepts in computer games is totally fine. The boxes can contain anything from a small weapon to a premium outfit or any other item. As you invest money without any guarantee about the outcome, it is also a sort of gambling.

Popular game developers and software providers from the online casino industry are also working on several major joint ventures. Game developers are also borrowing different concepts from online casinos. Themed slots are also inspired by video games. Just like regular video games, there are better graphics, visuals, better graphics, and background sounds in online-themed slots.

What Are Loot Boxes In Video Games?

A loot box or mystery box is an item in the game that requires users to spend real money or virtual coins. Unlike normal weapons and outfits, these boxes can contain anything, ranging from small weapons to extremely rare skins and items. These boxes sometimes have completely useless items. In simple words, it is completely about your luck. Here are some common contents of most loot boxes in most popular video games:

  • Emblems or exclusive badges
  • Sprays and stickers to customize your gameplay
  • Customizations for skins and vehicles
  • Exclusive and rare items that are only found in loot boxes
  • Skills and abilities that are not commonly available
  • Cosmetic items and skins or outfits
  • In-game currency and coins

While playing slots or any other online casino game, players are not sure about the possible outcome of the game. We all spend money in the hope of winning the money and bigger prizes. Gambling is all about luck and chance, and the same goes for loot boxes in video games. If you haven’t played popular online casino games yet, we highly recommend checking lista kasyn online for the best experience. Just like the results of online casino games, the contents of the loot boxes are also random. Call of Duty 2, Team Fortress 2, and many popular video games introduced these mystery boxes for players. Instead of buying single items, players started investing more money in loot boxes.

Connection Between Gambling and Loot Boxes

You don’t always get the desired results in gambling, and the same goes for loot boxes. Sometimes, you spend money to win special weapons, and you only get useless skins. There is always risk involved in these loot boxes. Game developers also explain the terms and conditions of these loot boxes. Depending upon your requirements, you may opt for loot boxes or individual items.

These loot boxes have similar effects on the human brain as casino games. Winning big contents in loot boxes releases dopamine. The adrenaline rush will encourage players to spend more on these boxes. These boxes can be addictive as general excitement will keep pushing you. Online casinos use different tools and features to prevent such type of behavior.

The element of surprise is the major similarity between loot boxes and gambling. Gamers spend money on every loot box in the hope of a big win.


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Players need to understand the workings of video game mystery or loot boxes. These are not always about exclusive items or features but a game of chance. If you know how to control your emotions, you can opt for loot boxes. All types of responsible gambling practices should be followed while buying loot boxes, too.