Online Casino elements within video games are a relatively new phenomenon, but they have quickly become popular. These elements typically take the form of in-game currency that can be used to purchase virtual items, such as weapons or characters, or to gamble on in-game events. Some games even allow players to cash out their winnings for real money.

The appeal is easy to see: gain items and stature in the game without having to spend any money, plus they’re fun. Here are 3 of the best video games that include online casino elements.

Video Game 1: Red Dead Redemption 2

This incredibly popular adventure gaming franchise follows an outlaw through the west of 1899 where players can enter a Texas-themed casino and play classic gambling games.

Casino Game Types and Features

Within the in-game casino, players can enjoy poker, blackjack, dice, and more. There are opportunities to bet on horse races as well. To keep things interesting, the dice games allow you to cheat your opponent and run away with the cash winnings. Through casino games, you can win in-game cosmetics.

Integration with the Main Game

The gambling community really took to this video game with its interesting minigame. The casino is fully integrated into the storyline of the game. As gambling was a natural part of the world during this time period, the game allows you to gamble in various saloons to earn cash and other in-game prizes. Amongst the challenges issued throughout the game, 10 are specifically related to gambling activities.

Video Game 2: Fallout New Vegas

As a post-apocalyptic courier, you must deliver a package to New Vegas. This role-playing game allows you to create your own character to explore and finish challenges in the Mojave Desert.


The game has been a big hit, not just as a spinoff of the popular Fall Out franchise, but because of the interactive quests and the incredible storyline. In the game, there are several casinos where you can play dice, slots, roulette, blackjack, and more.

Casino Game Types and Features

New Vegas has a wide variety of casinos to play at that each have different features whether you want to be a high roller or make a quick buck. For high rollers, there’s Gomorrah, Ultra-Lux, or Tops Casino and for the quick buck, there’s Free Side’s Atomic Wrangler Casino or Vikki and Vance.

You’ll find familiar gambling games alongside newer ones that were created specifically for this post-apocalyptic world. The standard blackjack, craps, roulette, and slots are accompanied by other games like Caravan (cards) and Jungle Gym (boxing) that are specific to this world.

The casino minigames allow players to earn money, eventually earning a place at the high roller table. If you make enormous amounts of money (10,000 caps), you bust the casino. If you bust 3 casinos in the game, you win an achievement award.

Integration with the Main Game

Each of the casinos is owned and operated by one of the factions in the game, where you collect information for your quests and money. The casinos each have their own feel and style and their own rules for you to learn. There are in-game rewards from each casino when you when enough money there.

Video Game 3: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Carl Johnson, a former gangster, returns to Los Santos after the murder of his mother. Here, he gets caught up in a gang war and must use his skills and cunning to survive. The game is set in a fictional state called San Andreas which is based on a combination of traits from California and Nevada.


It’s what’s called a sandbox game where you can roam around and do whatever you want, or you can complete missions as part of the storyline. This happens to be one of the most popular games in the GTA franchise and remains one of the top 100 video games in the world. That’s why gamers are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Casino Game Types and Features

With inspiration taken from Nevada, there are several casinos in the game where you can gamble. Las Venturas is based on the real city of Las Vegas and is home to several casinos where gambling is key.

The bonus games include:

● Blackjack, including GTA blackjack

● Roulette

● Slot machines

● Horse races

● Online poker a favorite in online casino games

Integration with the Main Game

Increasing your money and gambling skills is an integral part of your survival in the game. To come out on top in the gang wars, the casino is the best place to gain more money and prestige.


Gambling is exciting and combining that with the comfort and safety of the controlled environment of a video game can appeal to many people. Giving players a chance to earn and succeed without paying extra on expansion packs appeals to a larger audience of players who may not want to spend any more on the game than necessary. Incorporating online casino games in a video game create bonus content that has variety, is engaging, and a social aspect that can be missing in other environments.